EVERYTHING You Need to Make Your Bathroom Look NEW!

(Without Making a Mess and Costing  You Thousands!)

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Repair Scuffs & Chips

Glazing is the best option.  Replacing an existing bathtub with a newer model is not always a simple chore.  The original tub almost always needs to be cut into pieces to fit through the bathroom door.  While a new tub can cost as little as $200, labor expenses for the replacement process can easily add $2,000 or more to the bill.

Like New! Glazed to Amaze

When Not to Glaze- Refinishing is well-suited to very old tubs, which typically have more character and are made of higher-quality materials than what's available today.  If you're remodeling and want a larger tub or one with more modern features, such as jets, you'll need to demolish and replace your tub.  We can help you with that too! 

tub glazing

Give your bathtub a new look for a fraction of the cost it would take to rip out the old tub and install a new one.

Anti-slip coating

This is great for everyone especially the elderly.  Our Anti-Slip Coating is applied directly to the floor of the tub or shower.


There is so much you can do with glazing.  Do you have old ugly dirty grout on the tiles of your walls and tub shower surround? We can glaze that too!  Or, perhaps you want new tile and or inserts? Glaze My Bathtub is more than a one trick pony and we're more than happy to consult with you on remodeling your bathroom.


Ask us anything.  The call is FREE and we're here to help you.  We have lots of options including financing for bigger projects you may be considering.  Not sure if glazing is the right fit for your project?  Let's talk...

Are you a real estate investor and have multiple properties and need to discuss pricing?  Let's talk...


You can glaze much more than just the tub.  We glaze sinks, showers, wall tiles, old toilets, the list goes on and on.  Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation on your project to find out how www.glazemybathtub.com can help you create beautiful scenery with alluring refinished porcelain and tile.



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